Pedestal is a new home appliance to help our loved ones with medication. 


Fill With Their Medications

Just open your loved one's prescription medication bottles and pour the pills into Pedestal.  Then enter the prescription information into your smartphone. 

Pedestal Does the Rest

Pedestal will illuminate and beep to remind the patient it is time for a dose.  When they are ready, Pedestal will dispense the required medication.  Pedestal will alert the caregiver via smartphone if a medication dosage has not been taken.  

The Power of Technology

Having Pedestal connected to your smartphone means great things!  Use your phone to receive alerts anywhere, track medication dosage history,  and check when the next refill is needed.  

Technical Details

  • Led a small team to create Pedestal, a smartphone-connected pill box
  • Hardware selection based on project requirements, utilizing Arduino with Bluetooth module over UART, a RTC connected over SPI, and stepper motors with drivers
  • Firmware development in Arduino IDE
  • Firmware development in BGScript (Bluegiga proprietary scripting language)
  • Created iOS app in Objective-C to manage dispensing times via Bluetooth
  • Creating functional diagrams, requirements, and specifications documents
  • Pitched a two minute presentation at the Florida Healthcare Innovation Competition
  • Created website and landing page video to capture potential customer interest