Better Habits


Start With You

We help you keep track of how much you are vaping.

Many people switch to electronic cigarettes and end up smoking more frequently than before.  VaporTrack monitors every time you take a puff, and helps you stay on track with your goals.

VaporTrack is an e-cigarette attachment.  Simply attach it to your favorite brand of e-cigarette, and instantly start tracking your goals.


  • Set daily or long-term goals and measure your progress
  • Shows detailed puff information per hour, day, week, month, or year - know when you smoke most and when you don't.
  • Get rewarded for achieving your goals and share your progress with others on social networks.
  • More than just puff goals! Track your estimated savings and health benefits, too.
  • Have VaporTrack turn off your e-cigarette if you go above your limit. 


  • Works with all* electronic cigarettes that use the eGo style connector, or buy an adapter.
  • Free smartphone application works for iOS and Android devices that support Bluetooth 4.0

Project Photos

Technical Details

  • Founder of VaporTrack, a smartphone-connected electronic cigarette
  • Created and managed a team of three engineers and various contractors and advisors
  • Wrote and filed provisional patent with Austin attorney Bill Hulsey
  • Pitched six minute presentation for funding to the Central Texas Angel Network
  • Created website to capture customer pre-orders 
  • Researched and engineered original hardware and software solution to connect consumer electronic cigarettes to smartphones using Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Hardware design - component selection, protocol selection, schematics, breadboard work
  • Hired and worked with PCB layout contractor to transition from v1 to v2
  • Manufactured PCB for v2 through OSHPark
  • CAD drawing, 3D printing, and manually assembled product enclosure
  • Wrote firmware in BGScript language for Bluegiga Bluetooth module